Help Tidbits

If you use on line backgrounds for tiles you might get some errors that don't make sense. When using ImageCreateFromGif (URL.gif) and it does not work change the image create to jpeg but leave the URL as is. Many backgrounds on the web are misnamed in extension.

If you plan on drawing on an image you've drawn and filled, don't...once you fill it; you can not then draw on it or print a ding. Here's what you do. Draw your main image then draw the image you want on top....Then fill in the parts of the main image, and secondary image.

A tile filled image can NOT be recolored at IM, but color fills can be changed in paint like any image.

You can not reverse the percentages in the script..they must go from zero to 100,,,,

Gradients can not be changed in paint at IM, but can be changed by using HUE...

When choosing or making images for this, more rounded images work best and they must be true clear back images. Any image can be used if the array is intended to show movement of the image and not a design drawn by the image.

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