The GD (Graphics Draw) program is available on most servers. With this program graphics such as banners, and images can be created "on the fly" with PHP code.

To be able to use these resources your server MUST have PHP AND the GD library installed. Also you must be permitted to use PHP scripting.

Here's information about various servers. If your server is not listed, you may check to see what versions they use and contact me and I will add it to this list. Some C-Panels may have the PHP primer to consult. If not here is one. Primer Just unzip and view. Scroll down to find gd.

All resources are based on PHP 5.1.6
GD 2.0.28.

Arbor Hosting
This host has PHP 5.1.6 and GD 2.0.28 and all subscibers have access. Ming is available; Image::magick and IMagick are also available and cgi scripting is allowed in all files.

These folks run PHP 5.2.10 and have GD 2.0.34 for all subscribers.

The server is running 4.3.3 PHP and has the GD library. The GD version is unknown at this time. ONLY subscribers to their Scripting Server have access.

Z-Box Hosting
 This host has Php 4.4.2 and Php 5.0.4 together. The servers default to Php 4.4.2 but you can run Php 5.0.4 in any directory.Info
They run GD 2.0.28 for all subscribers. They also have image::magick, Perl Magick, the Ming Library, and clients are permitted to use cgi in all files.

This host runs PHP 4.4.1 and has GD 2.0.28
NOTE: No cgi or perl scripting..but they now have MagickWand. MagickWand will not be covered in these lessons.

Lunar Pages
This server is running PHP Version 4.3.11, and GD version 2.0.28. Image::Magick module is installed, and users are able to use cgi scripting. Ming is NOT supported.

Php is allowed and they have 5.1.6 bundled with GD at 2.0.28. Ming is not available.

GD and Ming scripts work at this server.

Angelfire and Lycos do not allow this.

Any additional information would be appreciated.

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