Image Copy Merge


This function and it's siblings, Image Copy, Image Copy Resized, and Image Copy Resampled; allow you to remove a piece of an image and merge it with another. This saves you from having to crop the images apart before applying to your canvas.

You may use gif, png, or jpg and for this, size really does not matter. The images you use can be anywhere on the web. As always, use descretion and do not hotlink for extended periods.

Finding X and Y

Ok, so we have an image with several images and we want to use one or more.  Images
How do we find the coordinates of the part we want to merge? We use a grid. By laying the grid on the top, we can count the 25pixel squares and arrive at X and Y for each image. We need the X and Y for the TOP LEFT and the BOTTOM RIGHT of each letter.  Grid

The Numbers

All the letters will lay 100 pixels from the top of my header and start at 25 from left each one 75 pixels more left than the last....this is all one script...five separate merges.VIEW

There are three sets of two numbers in the script and a single number at the end for each line of code merging a letter.

The first Set of numbers are x and y of the bottom image where you want the top left of the merge image to be. In this case 25 from left and 100 from top.
The second set are the X and Y of the TOP LEFT corner of the merge image; the third set are the X and Y of the BOTTOM RIGHT corner of the merge image.
The last number by itself is the percent to merge. 0-100 is the spread with 0 being no merging to 100 being total merge...10-30 is good for imaging; whereas 80 for this is good.

Here is a zip file with everything to make the example.  CopyMerge

You may also merge entire images with one another or with other parts...overlapping images may cause some distortions...The following example has a base image; with another entire image merged on it, then on top of that another image is merged one one each side covering the entire image....Example

For further explorations of Image Copy Merge, see this tute by Linda.

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