Lines may be drawn with brushes instead of colors. Any image may be used as a brush and depending on it's color palette you get some interesting effects and textures.

Brushes may also be created by you for use. Brushes can be diagonal or straight and made in several sizes.


For this we will concentrate on using an import image as our brush. We import our image just as we did when annotating. We then assign it the name of brush. And we make it transparent so only the image shows. We can set the line thickness as before to make our brush wider or smaller. We then draw the shapes as regular but instead of designating the color variable at the end we designate brush. Here's an example:
//imageEllipse($im, 60, 200, 100, 50, $brush);

Note how the brush line appears as it goes over other images. Different graphics will give different results...Experiment and you'll find something that appeals to you.

The brush image can be anywhere on the web. But transload this nice piece of toast for this lesson. Toast

These are the same shapes as in previous lessons. We've just added the brush codes right after the Background codes and then drawn our object at the bottom.

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