Allowing Active X

Open Internet Explorer 7

Under Tools menu choose Internet Options

Click the Security tab

Click the Custom Level button to open the Active X settings

Under ActiveX controls and plug-ins the settings should be:

Automatic prompting for ActiveX controls: Enable

Binary and script behaviors: Enable

Download signed ActiveX controls: Prompt

Download unsigned ActiveX controls: Prompt

Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked safe: Prompt

Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins: Enable

Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting: Enable

Under Downloads the settings should be:

Automatic prompting for file downloads: Enable

File Download: Enable

Click Ok to close the window.

You may get a warning that you are changing security settings. Click Yes to close that window.

Click Ok on the Internet Options to close it.

Close all browser windows and re-launch Internet Explorer.

Thanks to UB for this information.

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