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Note: Thumbs are 100 in size. Click file name for full size.
Width and height are actual.

100ring-gld.gif   Tile it   2.6 kb 100w x 146h

2frames.gif   Tile it   6.3 kb 207w x 206h

Aoval.gif   Tile it   13.9 kb 310w x 210h

GOLDBACK.gif   Tile it   22.9 kb 134w x 135h

GOLDBACK2.jpg   Tile it   3.7 kb 96w x 96h

GOLDBLOCK.gif   Tile it   4.1 kb 110w x 40h

GOLDLINE.gif   Tile it   4.0 kb 360w x 10h

Gold-Fill.jpg   Tile it   15.4 kb 172w x 178h

GoldFoilBlock.jpg   Tile it   25.9 kb 313w x 261h

GoldFoilDotBurst.jpg   Tile it   40.3 kb 375w x 500h

diag-stripe.gif   Tile it   9.2 kb 80w x 80h

fly-over.gif   Tile it   15.4 kb 300w x 300h

gold-boxoverlay.gif   Tile it   2.6 kb 202w x 295h

gold-fence.jpg   Tile it   8.2 kb 190w x 124h

gold-mesh.gif   Tile it   40.0 kb 537w x 315h

gold-wireframe.gif   Tile it   4.0 kb 300w x 300h

goldfacet.jpg   Tile it   9.6 kb 40w x 200h

goldring-blank.jpg   Tile it   11.4 kb 336w x 333h

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