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Index of /bits/shapes

Note: Thumbs are 100 in size. Click file name for full size.
Width and height are actual.

circle-shape.gif   Tile it   2.0 kb 140w x 140h

circletrans-shape.gif   Tile it   2.4 kb 249w x 349h

cross-plain.gif   Tile it   826 bytes 300w x 200h

egg-shape.gif   Tile it   2.4 kb 141w x 206h

egg-shape2.gif   Tile it   3.9 kb 220w x 320h

giftbox.jpg   Tile it   12.1 kb 330w x 330h

giftbox2.jpg   Tile it   13.1 kb 330w x 330h

hartlace-shape.gif   Tile it   8.3 kb 300w x 300h

heart-shape.jpg   Tile it   1.1 kb 77w x 73h

sides4-shape.gif   Tile it   2.8 kb 275w x 250h

sides5-shape.gif   Tile it   3.8 kb 216w x 205h

sides6-shape.gif   Tile it   3.4 kb 217w x 189h

sides8-shape.gif   Tile it   2.8 kb 184w x 184h

sidesrhom-shape.gif   Tile it   3.3 kb 243w x 184h

sidestrap-shape.gif   Tile it   3.7 kb 235w x 180h

star-shape.gif   Tile it   8.5 kb 125w x 100h

star18x12-shape.gif   Tile it   130 bytes 18w x 12h

teardrop-shape.gif   Tile it   2.8 kb 269w x 399h

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