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You Put It In There !

Lesson 3 of BudgetByte Script

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Up till now our ByteBudget

has been the entire page,

except for the body tag.

But what if there's other stuff on the page?

Think of your script as an image

That's what it is, an image created with code.

You may do with this image as you would any

other in regards to placement on a page.

And you may incorporate it

right into tables and table cells

<center><table bgcolor="sienna"border="10"><td>BYTE BUDGET HERE</td></table></center>

Put the entire package

inside the table data cell.

Starting with <script>and ending with </script>

It is not mandatory

to put it in a table, however...

Wherever you put the script

on the page is where it will show up.

You control the placement with regular

html and CSS if you want.

It may be used as an "include" file,

it may be on another page

and embedded also.

Just remember to keep your package in tact !!

In the text box are a few examples for you to try.

Good Luck !!