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My Little Boy

Why must it be you , my youngest son,

Whose life they say may soon be done?

Oh why must you, like your older brother

Also leave behind your older mother?

Why must you be another who goes away

And leaves behind so many who want you to stay.

Why do my eyes, who doctors say are way to dry,

Fill so easily with tears as I cry?

Someday maybe answers we will receive,

But in the meantime we can only trust and believe.

Believe that there is a reason to lose a love

And that we will find our peace one day above.

I must say bye bye to my little boy,

Someone who has brought me great joy.

Oh yeah, he made me mad too as well,

Did not always do as I did him tell.

But he was warm and loving to me

And I will miss him so much you see.

I cannot find the words for my grief.

I am left only with my own belief.

Love to you my youngest one,

Love I send you as much as I can.


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