crying earth


Please Share It ...For Free

We are on the edge of revolution my friend,

Destroying our home as time draws to an end.

They can't possibly think that the money they gain

Will do any good once our precious earth has been slain?

We push to discover and strive to find out

All the secrets of science and what life's all about.

But just when the big break or discovery is made...

They swoop down and buy it, yes for silence they've paid!

They go back to work, breathing a sigh of relief

They've conquered another, robbed our future like a thief.

Just how long can this way continue to last and go on...

'Til every tree is burned down? 'til the sky blackens the dawn?

If we'd just open our eyes and see money can't be our goal...

It's our world we must save or we will pay the toll!

If we discover a marvel something to save you and me;

Why can't we just share it... simply share it for free?

Copyright © January 2000 Christopher T. Moore