Those Bordered Backs

When you think of a bordered background, think of it as a td cell. And because it is a td cell you can fill it with many things...Let's look at a few:

Bordered Backgrounds

To use a regular bordered background simply put the background in the body tag as usual. Then arrange your page into the following table.

<div align="center"> <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0"> <tr><td width="150"></td> <td width="350">PAGE CONTENTS HERE</td></tr></table></div>


Faux Border Backs:

For this type, you use images stacked on top of eachother. When using this, make sure your image size is the same width as the TD cell and that it is not large in file size. Add as many images as you need for the length of the page. Make a table of your page:

<div align="center"><table width="500" bgcolor="?" border="0"cellspacing="0" cellpaddin="0"><tr> <td width="150"> <img src="URL OF IMG"><br /> <img src="URL OF IMG"><br /> <img src="URL OF IMG"><br /> <img src="URL OF IMG"><br /> </td> <td width="350">PUT ALL YOUR STUFF HERE </td></tr></table></div>


Gradtables and Scopes

If your page is a MSNTV only page anyway, you might put grads and scopes in the border just as you do in E-mail. Since there can be any number of variations in code in the cell, I will not provide any but here are some examples:

Teal Table



CSS Borders by Becky


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