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MSNTV Percentages
Specified Table Widths

You may want to use a specified width table. So how do you get the percentages of the nested tables to become the percent of the specified table and not the percent of the total width?

The nested table code must not contain cellpadding or cellspacing. Each of these attributes has a default setting in relation to the whole so their elimination gives us a percent of the specified table.

If a border number is used, as below,....the table will be 80% from outside to outside. The inside width will be 80% of specified table, minus 2 times the border width. In the following: 80% of 500 is 400 the border is 1. so 2 times the border width is 2. 400 minus 2 gives you an inside width of 398.

500 pixels
80%  400 pixels

400 pixels
80%  320 pixels

300 pixels
60%  180 pixels

200 pixels
50%  100 pixels

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