If the angle of your composite

is not right for your base,

you can rotate it as you composite.

Here's how you can do that.


A positive angle number will rotate your image to the right.

A negative angle number will rotate your img to the left.

The following chart shows the quadrants used at Image Magickô

and the basic angles.

  1. Put your URL of your base image in the slot.

  2. Click View

  3. When your image has fully loaded...

  4. Click on Composite

  5. Put the URL of your over image in the slot

  6. Scroll down to where it says "rotate".

    Put your angle choice in the box.

  7. Scroll back up

  8. Click on "Composite"

  9. Click on Output......

  10. Keep the same file extension.......

  11. Unless you have composited an animate....

    then you MUST choose gif and multi file

  12. Click radio button for single file......

  13. Click Output......

  14. Click on Image......

  15. Transload to your server or scrapbook ......

Worm wanted a new hat.

No Rotate

Rotate 45.0

MagicK TooTs