Order Form

Maybe you need an Order Form Here's a simple but workable one. The user fills out the form and submits the data. This form does require that all fields be filled in and if they are not, an error message will appear. The data submitted is automatcally written to a text file for you. Grab the zip file.  Order

Inside are three files. the first is the html file. Just CCP everything starting with <form> and ending with </form> and put it on your webpage, or use it from that page if you want. You may adjust the size of the textboxes, put it in a table or use other "window dressing".

Order Form



Street address:  


State:       Zip:  




The second file is order.php. You will need to edit this file to enter your own price. This code does all the work..It grabs the data and writes it to file number three, which is ship.txt and at the onset is completely blank. This is used to fill out the order and ship.

It also sends the user a message that tells him how many were ordered, the total price, and their shipping information. It is also a printable receipt. This page will also support a shopping cart link, to a payment method.

To use this form just unzip it in your directory. Go to the edit of the order.php file and enter your price. The price set in the form is 9.95; as you see here: $Total = $text*9.95; Be careful of the punctuation. That's all there is to it. It should be ready to go.

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