Survey Form

Maybe you'd like to take a survey for a group. Here's a simple Survey form. The user fills out the form and submits the data. This form does not require that all fields be filled in. The data submitted is automatcally written to a text file for you. Grab the zip file.  Survey

Inside are three files. the first is the html file. Just CCP everything starting with <form> and ending with </form> and put it on your webpage, or use it from that page if you want. You may adjust the size of the textboxes, put it in a table or use other "window dressing".

 My name is:  

My favorite color is:  

My favorite author is:  

My favorite movie is:  




The second file is data.php. This is the "guts" of the operation. This code does all the work..It grabs the data and writes it to file number three, which is record.txt and at the onset is completely blank.

To use this form just unzip it in your directory. That's it. It should be ready to go.

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