Image Manipulation

All Scripts were tested using PHP 5.04
on the Tandem Tables Server

I did not write these scripts. They have been gathered from a multitude of sources on the web. Many scripts contain the credits for the author...Please keep these intact when using or sharing the scripts. You might also visit their sites to see what else they are sharing.

Image Type

One problem we all have is misnamed images. Sometimes you're trying to use an image in a script and it will not work.....Using this tiny script will give you the correct extension for your image....just enter the URL of the image and then click on the script to run it.   Image Type

Image Size

When you grab an image on the web, you may not know the size. This script will return an array of specs about that image. Here's an example of this array.  Example
This is the script:  Get Size

Half Size

This little script will let you do a percent resize. 0.5 is half,0.25 a quarter and so forth. It will also make it larger. One and a half bigger would be 1.5, one quarter bigger 1.25 and so on. Your new image will output to your directory, just uncomment it.  Percent Resize

Scale ReSize

Instead of having to go to an on line tool to resize an image this script will do it and put the new image right into your directory.... A max width and max height is designated in the script and it will resize to scale and output to your directory.  Scale Resize

Make Gradient

This script will make a gradient to your color specifications. You can specify height, width, color, v(vertical) or h(horizontal), nd the color spread. Change these variables and see what you get. There are endless possibilities.  Example Png
Here's the script for it, uncomment to output to your directory.   Gradient

Lighten Hex

This little script will lighten any input color by a designated percent 50 would be half. 30 would be a third and so forth..The zip contains the function script and a page showing how to call it.  Lighten Hex

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