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This my PHP webpage. You can do all sorts of fun and creative things using PHP on your webpages and change it often. The header above was made with a PHP script.This page is all PHP includes so changing it is simple to do.
The following images are "created on the fly" right in the url with the aid of phpThumbphp. (All original photos believed to be copyright free.)

This one has a drop shadow of 3x3 of #222222 and is a thumbnail, width 90.

This one has a star mask..These can be put in a mover and uploaded to your space. The entire URL starting with the first http to the last quote marks must be put in the mover. Output of this one would be png.

<img src="[]=mask|images/maskstar.jpg&f=png">

This one has a heart mask. You may use any mask; adjust the width accordingly.

This one uses an ellipticle filter and the width can be varied as you will.

<img src="[]=elip&f=png">

The phpFlyphp script package for all of the above can be found at Source Forge.

All the scripts below were found on the web.

The following image is a php "function" that puts a screen over an image. It is called to the page with an image tag. You can also resize the image as has been done here to 300x200

<img src="" width="300" height="200">

The following is a spiral function, called to this page with an image tag.

<img src="">

The following is a button called with an image tag and text is added in the URL. This uses a class script.

<img src="BUTTON.php?text=HOME">

This page shows how you can put several on a page.

The following is a checkerboard function, called to this page with an include tag. The function can be any number of squares.

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This web site contains nothing that
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They are all my original graphics.
Feel free to alter and use them for any non-profit project.
Please do not claim them as your own
or put them in a collection.
Please do not tube my graphics.
Let them roam free.

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