File Helpers

All Scripts were tested using PHP 5.04
on the Tandem Tables Server

I did not write these scripts. They have been gathered from a multitude of sources on the web. Many scripts contain the credits for the author...Please keep these intact when using or sharing the scripts. You might also visit their sites to see what else they are sharing.


At some point you're probably going to have to know the internal path...Many scripts require that you use the path before they will function. The path is like an internal URL for the server to use. This little script dropped into any directory will give you the path of the directory....then just tack on the filename and extension and you have the path of the file.   Script


Servers may be configured differently. For this reason, you may some day need to know what your server variables are. Just grab this small script and change it to php extension.  Variables

Read File

This script is like a redirect. You add whatever page URL you want read and when the script is run it presents that page. Script


At times you might want to find the RGB color values. Put your color in the script and it will return all values.Example   Script

Directory Indexers

These scripts when dropped into a directory and then clicked on, will show all the files in the directory and also link them for viewing. You can add "decor" to the page and use it as is, or you can use it as an include on another page.

This indexer shows file size,date modified and other specifics.  Example

Here's the script:SCRIPT

This script just lists the files and no other specifics and it links each one too.  Example

Here's the script::SCRIPT

This script lists the files into a select menu and links each one.  Example

Here's the script::SCRIPT

This script just lists the files and no other specifics and no links  Example

Here's the script::SCRIPT

Link List

This is a nice script for a list of links. It works well as an include too. You can also add decor and use the page as is. Here's what it looks like: Example   Script

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