Append will line up images

in a vertical line. (down)

or horizontal (across)

  1. Select your image or images

  2. Make copies of the images.

  3. NOTE:::For Vertical line-up all images

    must be the same width.

    For Horizontal line-up all images

    must be the same height.

  4. Name them in numerical order.

    1.gif,2.gif,3.gif and so on.

  5. In the order you want them to appear.

  6. Put them in a directory called append.

  7. Do NOT have an index in the directory.

  8. At IM: put the URL of your directory

    in the slot.

  9. Be sure you put the slash.../

  10. Click view

  11. When your image has loaded;

    click on Output

  12. At the next screen click Append

    and then Output.

  13. Next Screen~You'll see

    all your images lined up

    in a vertical row.. Transload

  14. If you want them to line up across....

    There is a TINY check box

    at the bottom of the page that says

    "tile left to right when append is checked"

    Check that box then output.

    Transload from the next screen.

    Here is a vertical example:

    Here is an example of a horizontal one:

    MagicK TooTs