Composite~ IN

Sometimes you want the entire

background to change.

Here's how you can do that.

  1. Put your URL of the image in the slot.

  2. Click View

  3. When your image has fully loaded...

  4. Click on Composite

  5. Put the URL of the background or tile in the slot

  6. Scroll down to where it says "over".

  7. Click on that then click on "ATOP"..( NOTE::Replaces IN)

  8. Scroll down:

  9. At the very bottom just above the mailbox,

    there is a tiny black checkbox...CHECK IT

    That will tile your background

    throughout the image.

  10. Scroll back up

  11. Click on "Composite"

  12. Click on Output......

  13. Keep the same file extension.......

  14. Unless you have composited an animate....

    then you MUST choose gif and multi file

  15. Click radio button for single file......

  16. Click Output......

  17. Click on Image......

  18. Transload to your server or scrapbook ......

Entry Image Finished

If you forgot to check that last black box,

your image will look like this.

It will also look like the above if you

left it at "over" and did not check the box.

If you left it at "over" and DiD check

the black box,your image would be

a square spiderweb.

Composite-IN goes ONLY

where there is color...

MagicK TooTs