Animation Manipulation Update

As Image Magick develops, things change and we can not do things the same way we did before. This is an update for the manipulation of animated images.

All animated images must now be "coalesced" before you can manipulate them. To coalesce your image click on the Transform button and click the "coalesce" radio button; leaving all else default. Click transform and either save the image or save the url...

Your coalesced image can then be annotated or manipulated in other ways and will function fine. In the event that the animate is to be added to a static image; as in glitter, it is the glitter that must be coalesced. After you have coalesced the glitter, save it. Then enter your static image into the input and proceed as you normally would using your new coalesced glitter.

NOTE:: Coalescing the image may increase the kb size substantually. After your manipulation.... Optimize......Click the Transform tab and the click Layers...Layer method; Optimize..

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