An ellispe is an egg shape and can

be horizontal or vertical.

To make an ellipse you

need three sets of coordinates.

The first set is the center. +62+62

In this case 62 pixels right of the left

edge and 62 pixels down from the top.

The last set of coordinates are beginning

and end of line +0+360

The center set of coordinates tells how far

horizontally and vertically the line is drawn. +30+10.

This means that at 30 pixels each side of center

10 pixels above and below center.

So for this example your coordinates look like this.

+62+62   +30+10  +0+360

  1. Put your URL of a blank white gif in the slot.

  2. Here's one: §

  3. Click View

  4. When your image has fully loaded...

  5. Click on the Draw tab.

  6. Click the drop-down where it says line

  7. Scroll down to where it says "ellipse".

  8. Click on that.

  9. Erase what is in the box

  10. Put in +62+62  +30+10  +0+360

  11. Scroll down...erase what is in the fill color slot and put ...none

  12. In the stroke color slot put

  13. Set stroke width at 2

  14. Scroll back up and click Draw

You should see what is in figure 1.


+62+62  +30+10  +0+360

+62+62  +10+30  +0+360

Here's what two ellipses can make.

Go here to find out how....Plates

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